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Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Est. 1985

Art on Olive wood

olive [`oliv] η ελιά

 The ''golden'' olive tree of Elytis, the '' blessed'' olive tree of Palamas.

In a small workshop in eastern Crete, in the town of Agios Nikolaos, for three generations we have been blending Cretan aesthetics with olive wood in order to carve handcrafted decorative objects and handy items. Each object is special, preserving the uniqueness in each piece of wood. When tradition meets expertise, the result can come in nothing less than the absolute respect for nature. By using beeswax and olive oil, each creation will last for a lifetime.

  • My wife and I have been to Agios Nikolaos for the past 3 years and are going again this year. Every time we go into the town centre we always make time to visit this shop. There is a workshop on site so as soon as you walk down the steps you are met with the beautiful fragrance of wood which is only surpassed by the amazing creations themselves. The intricacy and clever ideas of the things you can buy are what impress initially but when you see the quality and craftsmanship on offer it makes it very difficult not to buy more than you originally intended. These are not cheap tourist trinkets but are beautiful ornaments for your home that you can appreciate for years to come. We will be going back this year and will definitely be increasing our collection.  Stuart H
  • We stubble across this lovely shop in our recent visit. And entered for a nosy with no intention to buy. Whilst looking we were in awe of the talent on display and the quality of the items. We came away with a few small bits with help from the owner. I could have easily spend a lot more in there. We'll worth a visit !!!Becki D
  • A family owned three generational family creating practical and creative utensils, decorative art from olive wood sourced locally. Warm, welcoming and fair tradesman interested in their customers. Passionate about their craft and unit sharing it with those interested to ask. A must visit. We bought a tree carved from wood, kitchen items, a pen and bowls . ImpressiveFred Abbey 
  • was amazed at the various objects created by the wood carvers from the Olive wood . It has such a beautiful grain and very decorativeLyn